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The season is changing, finally.. Our rainy season seems to be on the way out, as there have been a few days of sun. I'm really looking forward to more sunny days; my energy increases and my optimism for the future gets a boost.  Oregonians tell me It's wishful thinking, I hope not. My Southern California heritage really doesn't enjoy as much rain as Oregon has had this year.  

This is an exciting time in my studio with the sun shining in the front windows and Anne's beautiful flowers growing by the door.  In just a few days Liliana Waisman will be in the studio to teach her Spatial Sculptural Mosaics. 

In the mean time I'm finishing up the mosaic that I started in the class that Dianne Sonnenberg taught a few weeks ago.  I'm really enjoy the studio, the beautiful materials and the very unique neighborhood that the studio is a part of.

​Here's my WIP I'll post the finished mosaic in a day or two.



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