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Fall is here!

We've been in our new place for about 2 months now and we're beginning to settle into some routines. Max is working at the prison on the week-ends, trading each morning, I'm working on CMA, other internet sites and we're both managing all the daily chores.  Does it feel like home - not yet. 

I still have that nagging sense that it's just temporary and another move will be in our future.  For now however we are really enjoying taking long walks and discovering lots of public art, great coffee places and a few wonderful lunch spots.  We're finding some great fly fishing spots along the American River, the Delta and soon we'll be heading to the coast.  It's nice to be able to do all this during the week.

We've had visits from family which have been wonderful.  It's lovely to live close enough for them to visit and for others to visit when they can.  We're looking forward to that.

I'm enjoying my studio and have started on a little piece that will be an experiment using mesh and a painted background.  It's a quite space to work in and is perfect, for now.

My interest and passion right now is creating websites for people.  I have two I'm currently working on that are going to be fantastic.  One of the things I've noticed when artists are joining the Contemporary Mosaic Art - CMA website is that they don't have websites or have started them and have not followed through to completion.  So, I know there is a big need for this service and I'm looking forward to creating some awesome websites.  It's a good time to get that website up and running before the holidays. I'm offering a reduction in my price...check it out.

The images below are from our walks.

Love to hear from you anytime.



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