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Here we go -

i took this photo on our last hike to Buckhead Interpretive Trail, with my new camera. My little Sony finally gave out and I purchased a new one that's a step up.  I have a lot to learn about all the settings but so far I'm really happy with the results.

We're in the middle of packing up for our move.  It's been sad to pack all the goodies in my studio and to give up that wonderful space.  I've enjoyed all the visitors, the events that happened there over the past 2 years, the instructors that graced the space and the wonderful students I enjoyed getting to know.  Most of all I enjoyed my landlords, Terry Way and Anne Korn of Raven Frameworks.  They have been generous in so many ways and I will miss them. This has been a really good experience for me and one I'll treasure always.

So we're off at the end of the month for another adventure.  Max will be working at the Calif. State prison in Folsom.  We have a nice apartment and I'll set up my studio space in an attached garage.  First time I've ever had a studio inside the place I also live.  We lived not far from Sacramento for years and are familiar with the area. We're looking forward to fly fishing in the Delta, the American River and heading back to some beautiful fishing spots we enjoyed in the past.  It's a good move for us - but not an easy one.

​I'm enjoying the revitalization of CMA-Contemporary Mosaic Art and really happy that members are subscribing and the wonderful new art is being  posted on the site.

Well,  guess it's time to go pack a few more boxes...

Oh - here's one more photo I took with my new camera ;-)

​"Queen Anne's Lace" bud.



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