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During this quiet time one of the projects I've attempted, is to sort out years of digital photos.  My hope is to get them organized so that I can find a particular image when I want it. 

At this moment in time,  I say "impossible".  Do I organize by date? By Place? By year? By activity? Do I make copies of them to fit it each folder?  It's a huge project and then there is the distraction element of getting caught up in the memory, the photo has elicited, which often leads me into daydreams of traveling again soon.  Do you have travel dreams?

I've been privileged to enjoy many wonderful trips in Europe, South America, Mexico and many USA states. Still plenty of time to create more memories of place and people and to capture those experience with photos to organize later ☺

Venice and Greece for workshop with Martin Cheek in 2006.

First meeting with Giulio when it all started in 2008

Pérouges with Dominique and Michele 2010

Beautiful court yard and door to my house ;-) in Venice - wish.

2019Canal in Cannerigo 2009.

Beautiful fountain in Trieste, 2010

Hoping our paths cross on the next journey.



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