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September 5, 2017

Yes, it's feeling like home - well almost.  I continue to have that uneasy feeling, of trying to figure out where I am - not my location but my place in the location.  

Max and I lived in a beautiful home for 20 years and had all the stability that a home means, physically and psychologically.  Both of us were raised with the message that owning a home was the only way. Breaking or moving away from values that have been passed down can be a daunting task. But not impossible, as I've found many times while moving along this life path. 

So, what have I learned about apartment dwelling as "older adults" these past 3 years.  Well, a lot and for the most part it's been a terrific experiment.  We've really enjoyed the freedom from the maintenance that a house, yard, acreage demands, that's probably our top "like".  It frees us up to take off and explore, to stay away for longer periods of time and has eased the stress and anxiety that often occurs when things like the roof leaks, the well is dry and the wind just blew down the oak tree on your kiln.  Freedom!

It's been an adjustment, in all the apartments we've occupied, that would be four ;-).  The main adjustment has been to noise, traffic, people, dogs, trash trucks - that kind of thing.  We're adjusting to almost all of those things with this move and not once have we thought about owning a house again.  

West Sacramento is growing and developing in some very nice ways.  We're within walking distance of Old Sac., the Crocker museum, Raley field (go Cats) some wonderful eateries and not far from other places we enjoy exploring.   

As I think about home and look around our current space I do ask "what makes a home"? I know what my Mom would say "it will feel like a home when you make some memories there".  I'm sure we all have different ideas about what makes a home a home.  I'd love to hear them.

Come visit!

The photos are sculptures of River Cats baseball players located in West Sac. and the bridge is Tower Bridge.  It's a draw bridge over the Sacramento River that connects West Sacramento to Downtown Sac. 



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