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Settling in...a little.

A crazy time to move you say...YES!!! I say it too.  December 1, 2018 was a pretty crazy time to make a major, huge move - but we made it, through rain and snow and have been in our new home for two months today.

People ask me "have you settled in and are you having lots of adventures"?  We're still at the beginning stages of knowing what that means.  Making a major (permanent) move means: getting cars registered, new drivers licenses, getting new car insurance, new health insurance, finding an eye doctor (I wear contacts), getting new medical docs (nothing wrong with either of us at this point) finding a dentist, oops we need new tires - where to go - it seems endless.  Pages and pages of documents on the house, the home owners get it. Busy work and not many adventures.

However we have had some wonderful drives to see our new area and to find good fishing spots - the photo is the South Fork of the Boise River - and we've enjoyed some nice coffee places, an occasional lunch out, hikes, the Aquarium, the fly fishing expo and picnicked in the park.  

I have begun to set my studio up in the garage and Max will have his studio there also.  It will be a good creative space for both of us.  

I'm feeling very blessed - grateful and thankful.

​I'd enjoy hearing from you.



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