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It's lovely to see the bright green new leaves on the trees, to see the bare branches filling out and to enjoy the beautiful petunias on my deck.  Love that smell.  I'm happy for the warm months, the sunshine and the blue skies.   We've been in our new place now for five months.  This apartment is nice and big, high ceilings and lots of light.  No one above us (not missing the patter of 8 doggies paws).  This is a good solution and we'll be here for a while.  The walls are getting filled with our art, paintings, mosaics and prints and it's nice to have the space to get all the beautiful ceramics Max has created out of boxes and on shelves and tables.  The only boxes that remain packed are a few that have memories of mom and dad, my sewing machine and fabric.   Our new studio/craft room is on the second floor, has nice natural light and plenty of room for my supplies and Max's fly tying desk.  With fly fishing season fast approaching there are feathers and thread everywhere.  It's fun to have his company in this space and who knows maybe a new art form will develop.  I'm enjoying creating website sites for artists and love seeing all the beautiful art, getting to know the artists and finding the best way to showcase their art.  Take a look at some of the websites I've created.  Let me know if you would like my help.  Please leave me a comment or two and come visit when you can.  Would love to see you.




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