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Spring Time

My computer desk faces the window, and as I type, the tree beyond the window is just starting to wake up from its winter rest, showing off brilliant green leaves. The birds are picking off small red berries and I just saw a lizard hurrying across the landscape bark. As more birds arrive, and rest on the branches they distract me from writing with a variety of songs. This is our first Spring in New Mexico and we're greeted with some nice surprises.

One of the surprises that we experienced this winter is how cold it gets in Northern New Mexico. This made it impossible for us to have our studios in the garage so we tiled the floor of the once "guest room" and moved in my studio. Now I have heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

Max moved his studio into his office, has a couple of kiln's outside and is creating some nice pieces. I'm loving these creations...little clay boxes with lids. Bigger things in the kiln as I write.

In November 2020 I started the CMA website up again, now it's now called CMA2 Ceramics and Mosaics. John Sollinger, Patty Chapman and Bonnie Fitzgerald were all instrumental in this decision. We're all working on building a safe, ad free, politics free community, and so far it's a great space. I'm really enjoying meeting new friends and reconnecting with so many others and love seeing all the beautiful and imaginative art.

Onward to Summer and new adventures...but no more moving.




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