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We made it - barely!

The movers came, grumbled about how many boxes we had, and made far to many comments about how heavy they were and that I shouldn't have made them so heavy.

MOSAICS!! It was an arduous move for everyone.  A few mishaps along the way, but nothing that couldn't be resolved quickly.   All the boxes are unpacked and most things have found their home, in drawers, on shelves and with the help of my son Zac the art is beautifully placed on the walls.  My studio is in the attached garage and I've been able to do a little organizating, but not much.  Mainly I wanted everything out of the boxes: that's been accomplished. (The ceramics in the photo below were created by Max.) This will be the smallest studio I've had and the first one inside the place I live.  I'm excited about getting everything sorted out and looking forward to lots of time to experiment. We're looking forward to all the interesting and varied things that Sacramento and the surrounding areas have to offer.  Our plan is to fly fish on some local rivers and the Delta, to have many visits to Davis, the Crocker Art museum in Sacramento, to cheer for the River Cats, to find lots of nice places to enjoy Happy Hour and to explore near and far. But for now, lots of naps, aspirin to ease the pain and reminders that we are blessed and live an extraordinary life. ​Come and visit. 

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