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What a month!!!

November was - well - an amazing month. Several things happened so quickly in the last few weeks of the month we had been trying to sort out, that we were left a bit awestruck. We are very grateful.

we came to the realization, actually we realized this a lot earlier than November but we weren't sure what our options would be until last month, that we couldn't live in this apartment much longer.

Above our apartment live, two border collies, about 2 years old, ("He’s a dog with unlimited energy, stamina, and working drive, all of which make him a premier herding dog TWO OF THEM.") and two young women. We anticipated people walking and some normal noise, when we chose to live in a middle apartment, but we have been overwhelmed with dogs wrestling and rough housing for many hours a day on top of our heads.  After much consideration and deliberation with the management, they arranged for us to make a move to a top level apartment which we will be doing early next month.  YES!!! another move - yikes.  

We are continuing to enjoy living in this area and discovering all the exceptional places to walk, enjoy a coffee or meal and especially visits to the Crocker Museum.  Recent exhibition "Masters of Venice"  drawings by Giambattista and Domenico Tiepolo, was exceptional.  

Did I fail to mention that the material used for this mosaic "hobby" is very heavy.  Actually it gained weight just in the last few months. With every move it's heavier and heavier and I haven't added any this round - go figure ????



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