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Winter and another move.

My last post was in April, Spring time, when we both felt great about moving into a larger apartment and filling it with our art and especially not having anyone living above us.  During the months living there we realized that our days of apartment living were coming to an end. 

After many conversations "what do you want" no "what do you want" we decided on Star, ID and have found a wonderful townhouse, brand new with some very exquisite features.  Moved in just 3 days ago. There are beautiful rivers, lakes, mountains close by (all that means excellent fly fishing)  and  about 15 minutes from Boise, where there is lots of public art, great eateries, salons/bars and a great college football team.  If you've been keeping track, and of course you have 😊this is the 6th move since 2015.  Pretty sure this will be the last until the final call.

Max will be traveling back to California a couple days a month for work (direct flight, fortunately).  We'll both continue working from home. Max will finish up his reports here, continue day trading, maybe some ceramics in the future and of course fishing.  I'll have my studio in our large garage, continue facilitating CMA (a "happy" surprise coming soon) and building websites for artists, which I really enjoy doing.

Looking to me like a pretty happy rewarding future and I'm very excited, thankful and grateful. Blessed by God in so many ways.

P.S.  Our moving company was fantastic and I want you to know about it, in case you'll be moving in the future and also as a great place to make a financial donation,Crossing The Jordan. Best rates ever and best service.  The furniture was wrapped and protected, all the art was handled carefully and they worked quickly and efficiently.   This is a non-profit company with a mission.  Here is a bit about them: 

"Who We Serve

  • Addicted

  • Domestic Violence

  • Human Trafficked

  • Homeless

  • Anyone (except persons with crimes against children)

We don’t care where you came from. We’ll work with any person seeking to change, to anyone with a vision that is greater than the pain of their current reality."

Read more about their mission and what they have accomplished


Also; now that I'm settled and have good internet, if you've been thinking about revamping your website or maybe getting one for the first time - let me know. I'd love to help you get the website your art deserves.




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